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Lucky Star believes there is a home for every dog and we attempt to place the right dog for the right home.    We try hard to make the adoptions successful and make the best possible decisions for the dogs so that the home is a "furever" one.     Our adoption process helps to assure us that you are ready for the responsibility,  commitment and sometimes challenges of adopting a wonderful rescue Cavalier.

If you haven't already read our LS FAQs, please click on this button to review them:  LS FAQs 

We receive many more applications than we have dogs so we may not contact you right away.    We carefully review each completed Adoption Application.   It is kept on file for at least a  year period.  If you previously completed an application more than a year  ago, please resubmit.  

If your home sounds like a good match for a rescue who is being fostered, and the foster is in area,  the next steps would be a call to your vet for a reference.    We would call you  for a short telephone interview to see if you might be a match.    Next steps would be to set up a home visit appointment.   We want to see where the cavalier will live, play and excercise. When you commit to an adoption, you will be expected to sign a formal adoption contract with Lucky Star.    Most rescues take only a short time to adapt to their new home experience and we expect you will work with the dog while he/she adjusts.     We may be able to offer you some suggestions to help you and your new companion through these adjustments or issues.     Therefore, LSCR requests that periodic follow up calls or mail are made during the first year to assure the happiness and safety of both adopter and the rescued cavalier.

We hope that you too are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to ALL of our dogs by helping to support them through adoption fees and donations.    Without these funds, our rescue efforts would not be possible.


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